Classes will be added as they become available.  Student:teacher ratios will be kept small, so save your space before things fill up!

If there’s something you’d like to learn, let us know!



3D Printing

Welcome to the world of 3D Printing. Introduce yourself to a new way to see the world . Make models, replicas, and prototypes with our cutting edge 3D Printers



Expand your electronic repertoire with some of our awesome classes!!!

Laser Cutter and Engraver

If you’re interested in cutting and engraving into almost any material with laser precision this is the area for you. Let your imagination go wild with our state of the art Epilog Laser.

Metal Shop

Always wanted to learn to weld, making your own bike frame, or just really enjoy hammers and sparks? Our metal shop classes are for you. 

Print Shop

Everyone loves stickers. Learn to make make stickers of all sizes from labels and and patches to vehicle wraps and product labels. Bonus – turn those skills into full color custom shirts and hats with our textile classes.

Software and Computers

Want to learn Adobe Illustrator, coding or CAD? Sign up for a software class today.


Make you’re own clothing, wearable electronics or leather quiver for you’re arrows that keep falling out of you’re pocket.

Wood Shop

Do you like cutting wood into smaller pieces? Do you like making those pieces into bigger cooler pieces? Do you like doing that with robots? If the smell of fresh cut wood makes you happy, join us for one of our wood working classes.

We  Have Something for Everyone

Tinkertank offers a community where it’s safe to explore, collaborate, and discover without judgement.    Whether you’re an experienced hacker, a seasoned builder, or someone looking for a fun new craft, Downtown Tinkertank has something to offer!